MC Sask Camps Review Reports Released

Camps Review Reveals Areas of Strength, Growth, and Commitment

MC Sask Camp Review

 Tim Nickel, Fifth Business Consulting

After a thorough, nine-month review process, the Final Report and Executive Summary for the MC Sask Camps Review has been released, and has revealed a deep love for each of MC Sask’s three camps (Camp Elim, Shekinah Retreat Centre, and Youth Farm Bible Camp), and a strong desire and commitment to help them grow.

As the study began to take shape, “the central question that arose was: what governance, organizational, and ownership structure makes most sense to drive and support the Mission and Vision of MC Sask associated camps?”

In aiming to respond to this question, Consultant Tim Nickel of Fifth Business Consulting met with MC Sask Council, a Project Team, Camp Staff and Boards, Stakeholders and Key Informants, as well as hearing from the broader MC Sask constituency through regional/online meetings and an online survey. Throughout this process, Nickel connected with hundreds of individuals, with some of the more notable interactions including:

  • 1 RCMP pullover to check if the rental car was stolen

  • 12 quilts delivered from Zion Mennonite back to the MCC office in Saskatoon

  • 6 thorough inquiries into the consultant’s parentage

The Full Report includes over 30 pages outlining strengths and growths areas for each camp, as well as analysis of broader trends, and aspirations and recommendations for MC Sask to consider moving forward. The central question arising out of the 2023 MC Sask Camps Review is:
"In what ways can MC Sask adapt and improve to establish necessary governance over the three camps it currently owns, and currently delegates to govern and operate, such that their good work can continue and develop?”

Nickel will be presenting the Report at the upcoming MC Sask Annual Delegate Sessions, March 11 at Bethany Manor in Saskatoon, where camps and participants will be invited to respond to key questions designed to provide Council with feedback. It is hoped that participants will come having read the Executive Summary, and Full Report if possible.

Moving forward, Council will continue to process the Camps Review Final Report together with the three camps, and will collaborate with them, Nickel, and others as needed in discerning next steps. MC Sask is grateful to Tim Nickel of Fifth Business Consulting for the care and dedication with which this work was conducted, and for his commitment to seeing the Camps Review both completed and implemented.

The two-page Executive Summary can be found below or downloaded here

and The Full Camps Review Report is available  here